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One Office with Multi Business Partners, Frystmat is a commercial service provider that permits suppliers and customers to stretch their margins.

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Frystmat offers total exclusivity on each product segment to avoid lack of trust and conflict of interest with suppliers.

Committed to the excellence, we adopt the best market practices.



 We also make sure all the goods arrive on time to all our clients. Our shipping department focus in each individual cargo from origin to destination and with a lot of success our customers receive always the goods on time and with the specifications required. We have to feel very glad for this and we appreciate all the effort of our team. 

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Furthermore, their knowledge of different languages enables them to communicate with a large part of the world.

Due to our really dedicate team, we feel very proud our company is reaching a very good and strong position in the different markets where we buy and supply our range of products.



 We own resources to purchase and to sell a broad range of frozen foods products. This is thanks to a large network spread around the world and to our highly-qualified sales team, whose experience ensures they know where to find the target product needed by the client 



 We take really care of the quality of our product, making inspection during the whole year to guarantee the best products to our customers. 


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